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Offering Transcription of Audios/Videos.
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We are a provider of legal, media, research, academic, interview, and focus group transcript services. Various enterprises of all kinds and sizes in Canada are among our clients.
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We transcribe high-quality documents of various digital recordings with a 99% accuracy guarantee. Our staff of devoted transcriptionists work hard to meet and surpass your expectations by offering accurate, professional services at affordable rates We take delight in delivering accurate, polished transcripts.
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Your task is made easy here at Transcript Cosmos. We are a professional transcribing company that works with a wide range of industries, including medical, academic, legal, and commercial. If you need to transcribe a piece of work, or your project needs captioning, you have come to the right place!

Audio Transcription

Our team of professional transcriptionists is ready to get to work as soon as you submit your order. Our audio transcription experts are available anytime to accurately convert your audio to text.

Video Transcription

We transcribe a variety of videos for a variety of clients in a variety of industries. Our video transcription service is used for video, TV, webinars, and film. Our clients also include individuals who want their video closed captioned.

Copy Typing

We retype your text into a new more easily editable document. Our copy typing services will convert your PDFs, pictures, handwritten text, scanned pages and more. We will convert your file to any format you need.

Confidentiality Assured!

We sign most confidentiality agreements that you provide, or if you don’t have one, we have a standard one for use. Our transfer of audio and video is HIPAA compliant. All audio and video is deleted from all computers as soon as transcripts are completed. All transcribers are retained under strict confidentiality agreements. Your data is safe with us!
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